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Just sharing some of our cats and kittens all now in lovely homes, Thank you!

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Hello from Hobo!  Settled into my new home within minutes of arriving 🙂




After a lengthy advertising campaign, I finally got a lovely home of my own and I’m loving it 🙂  I have the run of the house and have even got a playmate named Alfie.  We have the best food, beautiful warm beds, lots of toys and a safe place to enjoy the sun and fresh air.  Life is bliss even though I have THAT monthly trip to the vet!





I Thought you may like to see these recent photos of Bruiser – who now answers to his new name of Alfie. I adopted him from you two weeks before Christmas 2012.

As you can see from the photo’s, he’s settled in nicely. He’d had such a bad start in life before you rescued him. He’d been savaged by a dog on Kirkby Industrial Estate. He has settled in really well now, eats for England and is gaining confidence although, he remains cautious of anyone stroking the side of his face where he previously had a gaping hole! He has started venturing into the yard now and purveys the fence in readiness to explore once the good weather arrives. He never stepped out during all that snow recently!! He loves playing with all his toys and follows me everywhere.
I love hime to bits and the fact that I’d recently lost my last cats to old age, I feel it was fate you matched him to me. He has a safe home and loving forever home here. I consider my house to be a home again having a cat.

If you’ve had a cat or kitten from us, we want to hear from you. Send us an update of your adopted cat and include a photo if you can.



My world has been turned upside down. Sammy, was couped up in a bedsit now free to roam in a huge garden with two other pussycats. I love bringing my new owner presents of leaves, pigeon feathers and even a spring onion!


ASDA Cat (Also known as George!) Staff at ASDA Hunts Cross asked for our help in rescuing this beautiful kitten found in their car park, presumed to have been abandoned by his mum as the runt of the litter. George was all alone and had a very bad eye infection when LCW took him in. Now cured of his eye infection, George receives lots of TLC from his new owners, as his picture shows, George has grown into a beautiful boy who loves to rule the roost amongst other cats in his new home.