Peggy came in to Liverpool Cat Welfare with her 3 brothers when she was a young kitten. She went to a very loving home but sadly the cat who lived in the house didn’t like her and no matter how hard the owners tried, it didn’t work out. Peggy is timid but will settle down lovely in a home. She loves other cats. She’s about 6 months old now.

peggy2 peggy1

Sheba & Poppy

sheba and poppy

A plea from 2 very sad cats called Sheba (mum) and Poppy (daughter)

Because we are all black, nobody wants to give us a home. We just sit in our pen waiting day after day. The days have turned into months. Our hearts flutter when people call to adopt. Could it be our turn? No – they just pass by. We are yearning for a home where we will be fussed over and loved and no one worries about the colour of our fur.

Sheba & Poppy are 2 of our many black cats looking for a home. Please ring 0151 488 6157 and leave a message if you are interested in adopting one of them.

Ruby & Sky

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2 cats who are in desperate need of a home are Ruby and Sky. They came in separately but when Sky’s brothers went to a home we introduced her to Ruby and they immediately came best friends.

They are both shy but Sky (black) will sometimes let me stroke her and Ruby (ginger) loves to follow me around while I’m working and will let me sit next to her on her chair. They both love to play with their toys and love other cats. We would love them to go to a home together.



April came in with her 5 kittens who have now all been rehomed. She is about a year old and is very affectionate.



Chance has been here such a long time. He has had a horrible start to life. All he wants is a loving home in the company of other cats. If you are looking for a friend for your own cat, chance would be perfect. If interested, please ring 0151 488 6157 and leave a message. Please give this lovely boy the home he deserves.

Barney & Fella


 Here at Liverpool Cat Welfare, we find it very difficult to rehome the shyer cats. It’s almost impossible if those cats have FIV. Barney and Fella are 2 shy, FIV cats and we suspect they will be here for the rest of their lives. Please prove us wrong. Fella was found living outside. He was very dirty and hungry. He has been shot many times with a pellet gun, leaving him blind in one eye.
Barney was also found living outside. His eye was so infected that it had to be removed. They are both very gentle cats but it will take time for them to trust you although Fella has just started letting you stroke him and can be affectionate at times.
They would need a home with a secure garden or a run attached to the house which LCW can provide you with.
Please please share and find Barney and Fella a home.